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Sabai (Saa-Buy) Means comfortable, relax

Sabai Thai Healing massage & spa is the place to relax and heal,  Mind, Body & Rejuvenation.We are professional massage therapists with specialized training in traditional Thai massage and many other types of massages.

Let's talk about massages

Thai Combination Massage

Our Thai Combination is a combination of Thai stretching+Swedish+Deep Tissue massage, It is a therapeutic massage with stretching and extra focus on muscles, joints, and general skeletal muscles alignment.

Deep Tissue Massage

The Deep Tissue Massage is both modern and traditional massage combine, a deep tissue massage is designed to work muscles and connective tissue in the body, deep tissue massage can invigorate stressed or pulled muscles and can be a medical massage which provides benefits to clients beyond relaxation.

Hot Stones Massage

We define our Hot Stones Massage as Swedish massage+ Hot Stones, massage is characterized by light strokes. The massage goal is to relax your entire body with a secondary goal to stimulate blood flow and combing with heated stones, the purpose is a reduce pain, relaxation, and reduce stress, and Hot stones could also promotes emotional and spiritual wellness.

Couples Massage

Our Couple Massage is just like the other service, but couples are receive a romantic massage at the same time on separate table, in the same room by two different massage therapist.

Prenatal Massage ( Pregnancy Massage)

Sabai Thai Healing we are perform a prenatal massage using Swedish massage techniques, except for a few modifications with body positioning to ensure and comfort for both mother and baby. Deep Tissue pressure won't be used as it could potentially be harmful.



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